A series of photos of ‘loving’ young fans prove that V BTS is a great father in the future

BTS News

While the male idols of BTS are not married or have girlfriends, it seems that they are ready to be promoted as parents. Especially the guy Kim Taehyung or commonly known by the stage name V!

If you pay attention, ARMY will see that V is very fond of children and especially young fans.

He only needs to use his playful and loving eyes to be able to get acquainted with children when he meets them.

Besides, not only using eyes, the male idol of BTS V also loves to show affection through “patching” or stroking children’s cheeks.

Or even, there are times when V just likes to “touch” the baby’s ears like this.

V is always the one to take the initiative to take pictures with any child he comes across.

What makes him even happier is when that kid is a fan of BTS!

Through a series of photos capturing V’s affectionate and joyful actions when he is with children, ARMYs feel that he will become a good father in the future.