ARMYs angry after the Ministry of Defense announced that they would allow BTS to perform during their enlistment

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One of the most hotly debated topics in K-pop in recent times is BTS and the group’s military enlistment.

Over the past few years, the media and netizens have watched the Korean Government discuss whether BTS should enlist in the military without focusing on the members’ own views.

On October 17, Jin made headlines around the world when he announced that he would no longer delay his enlistment.

According to the announcement, the idol was praised after it was revealed that he had canceled his request to postpone his enlistment and will follow government regulations after the release of his single.

One of the most heated debates while the topic was being discussed focused on BTS’s performance.

For many people, the group has been seen as a company that is a huge contributor to sales in Korea.

However, it seems that recommendation is still being considered by politicians and is met with a negative reaction from ARMYs.

Today (October 18), the Korean Ministry of National Defense held its regular briefing and it is no surprise that the topic of BTS’s enlistment came up.

During the briefing, Colonel Moon Hong Sik, a spokesman for the ministry, commented on the possibility of BTS still performing while enlisting.

“Our view is that we will create an opportunity if they want to participate when there is a national event in the public interest or an event designed for the national interest” – Colonel Moon Hong Sik.

When the report was released, ARMY shared their anger at the statement.

Enlisted people cannot make money from the schedule. So if BTS performed together, they wouldn’t be able to gain anything from it.

Others also pointed out that the government could give BTS a break when they enlist instead of having to perform their service.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for idols to perform when they enlist. Recently, the members of SF9 and ONF have made headlines with their performances while enlisting, while many others have joined military bands or performed in musicals while enlisting.

However, for many ARMYs, the reality is that the government has protracted the military enlistment decision process by treating BTS as a product that benefits tourism and Korea.

The topic of BTS’s enlistment has been hot for years. After Jin and BTS made the decision to enlist without delay, ARMYs believe that the Government is trying to find a way to allow the group to perform.

However, the phrase “national interest” is said in a way that makes ARMYs think it will only benefit the Government.