BTS and song for World Cup 2022

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When the 2022 World Cup is nearly two months away from Qatar, the famous Korean group BTS has just released a song leading to the World Cup called: Yet To Come (rough translation: The best moments).

Currently, this famous group is taking a break for a while so that the members can focus on their solo careers and complete their mandatory military service. But that doesn’t mean BTS is completely silent in the Korean music world.

This group has just had the honor of being invited by Hyundai, one of the sponsor brands for the 2022 World Cup, to participate in a promotional campaign called “Goal of the Century”. Jaehoon Chang, Chairman and CEO of Hyundai Motor Corporation, shared about this partnership in a recent statement: “As one of the most influential music groups in the world, BTS with his music has oriented humanity to develop in a positive direction. Through the World Cup campaign with BTS, we hope to create an opportunity for people around the world to unite towards the goal of sharing the same joy.”

On Friday, Hyundai officially launched a new version of the song Yet To Come. In the new version of this song, the lyrics have been changed to match the more upbeat music. Specifically, the music will be remixed in British rock style. In addition to the main version with the MV, Hyundai and BTS have added a short version with a duration of 1 minute of the remix version of the song Yet To Come.

This short version has a message highlighting the Goal of the Century campaign as well as inspiring the community to look forward to the 2022 World Cup next November, in which the Korean team will also participate. This song is also more than just a football cheer song. It is also meant to promote solidarity among people in the world.

BTS releases song towards World Cup 2022

In addition to this MV, Hyundai also launched a challenge called #TeamCentury12 on the social networking platform Tiktok. In this challenge, any audience has the right to record a video of their dance moves with the message of side by side.

Back to Yet To Come. This is a song in the album of the best songs of BTS released on June 10 to mark the 10th anniversary of the band’s founding. This song also once topped the Billboard chart for songs outside the US.

Of course, it will be necessary to repeat that this is a song for the 2022 World Cup, not the official song of the World Cup in Qatar. The official song for this tournament was announced earlier called: “Hayya Hayya” (Better Together) performed by singers Aisham Davido and Trinidad Cardona. However, BTS’s song will be an important part of Hyundai’s promotional campaign, along with other sponsors such as Qatar Airways, Adidas or Coca-Cola until the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup takes place.