BTS J-Hope’s Impromptu Pose For Photographers At The Airport Proves He’s Always Ready For A Photoshoot

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The airport is his runway, after all!

BTS‘s J-Hope has been working hard preparing for 2022 Lollapalooza since his solo album Jack In The Box was released.

He is scheduled to headline Chicago’s 2022 Lollapalooza along with TXT, making history as the first Korean artist. And, of course, fans couldn’t be more excited to see J-Hope’s incredible charisma on stage!

Yet, even while traveling, he manages to impress…

As always, J-Hope proved to be the “King of Airport Fashion” as he turned the airport into his own personal runway.

J-Hope at Incheon International Airport.

He naturally looked so fine, but his charm is what truly captured everyone’s hearts as he happily posed for photos even while traveling.


As he walked through the airport, he was crowded with paparazzi and fans. So, being the health-cautious man he is, he adjusted his mask…

Still, he was mindful of the cameras. So, as he adjusted his mask, he smoothly transitioned his fingers into a finger heart, proving he is always ready for a photo op!

This 5 second moment is stealing the hearts of everyone, so he is going viral with over 12K views on Twitter!

Throughout his trip, J-Hope was nothing but kind towards everyone who went to see him. He posed and waved all the way.

J-Hope isn’t the only BTS member who is photoshoot ready at the airport! Check out this iconic V moment below.