Compare the road scenes to ‘Music Bank’ of famous groups to understand why NCT ​​fans are considered ‘badass fandom’: ‘Even BTS is not so disorderly!’

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In the last 2 days, NCT ‘s name has been mentioned on many newspapers, portals, online forums and social networks from Korea to international, but not because of its glorious achievements. of the group but because of the unconsciousness of a part of the fans.

At the joint concert events held last weekend where NCT performed with many other idols, the group’s fans acted indignantly when they constantly pushed in front, blocking the view of those sitting in the front. later, do not comply with the regulations on social distancing or even break the fence and push the security guard.

Before these situations that make many people feel uncomfortable, Korean public opinion also pointed out that not until now, but many years ago, NCTzen has been known as a rude and impolite fandom.

One of the incidents that made the most noise and caused this fandom to be criticized for “going up and down the field” for a long time was when they created a chaotic scene on the way to KBS’s “Music Bank” – strong everyone ran after the idol so chaotically that they even bumped into other artists.

To prove why NCT fans have been considered “the most annoying fandom in Kpop” in recent years, the Korean online community has tried to compare the scene of the SM boygroup’s “Music Bank” road with popular groups. other language.

Only A-list groups like BTS , TWICE, and Wanna One – idol groups that own a fandom as powerful and enthusiastic as (or even more) NCT, are compared.

But clearly in the recorded images and videos, it can be seen that fans of BTS, TWICE or Wanna One are all seriously following the regulations of the organizers, lining up to take pictures of the artist from the outside. outside the fence and there isn’t anyone chasing idols like NCT’s case.



Wanna One



Looking back at the actual images from the situation that happened many years ago, Korean netizens once again sighed in frustration at the consciousness of NCT fans .

Many netizens also pointed out the fact that although they are often “sacrifice” on the Internet , BTS’ fandom , especially Korean fans, behaves very properly and politely in real life.

This has been proven when they have never been criticized for extreme actions similar to NCTzen, although the current ARMY’s strength can completely be classified as a “wall” when compared to other Kpop fandoms.



– “Then I see that even BTS is not so disorderly”

– “It’s only the true fans who are suddenly equated because of that group”

– “BTS fans in real life should be polite, don’t compare with this delinquent fandom”

– “Every time I read the news that a male idol is on a variety show with NCT members, I feel sorry for that male idol and their fans. No matter what I do, they will be punished. NCT fans mocked and mocked until the end of the show. What a troublesome fandom!”

– “I’ve never seen an idol who hasn’t been hated by this fandom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even a member of the same group as their bias can attack them”

– “If only 1 or 2 fans are unconscious, don’t say anything, there’s a large portion of people in the fandom who behave like that, so when it comes to NCTzen, everyone shakes their heads in disgust. ”

– “There is a big difference in fandom I can’t find any idols in Kpop who have never been hated by them”

– “Why live like this? Because of this fandom, I can’t even like NCT”

– “What a one-of-a-kind fandom… Going to a concert with them, even if you don’t know which idols were performing that day, you’ll know who they are fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

– “Comparing to this, it’s really a world… But both BTS, TWICE and Wanna One are the biggest fan groups in Kpop.”

In fact, sasaeng fans or fanatical fanatics have long been a burning problem that even NCT members feel uncomfortable and tired of. Sasaeng fans gathering in front of NCT’s dorm is a regular occurrence, and many times true fans can’t help but feel sorry when they see the members begging or even being harsh. ask crazy fans not to disturb their private lives. But despite all those efforts, the problem of NCT’s sasaeng fans so far has not found a really effective solution.