I feel sorry for Jungkook BTS’s retirement plan

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Hopefully, with time, the youngest Jungkook of BTS can follow his brother’s example and draw up a happy retirement plan.

Despite being extremely successful and happy on the surface, ARMY understands that BTS members always have many psychological and mental problems. In his acceptance speech at MAMA 2018, Jin even admitted that BTS intended to disband that year.

So, talking about disbandment is something ARMYs don’t want to hear but it’s a necessary spiritual stepping stone for both them and BTS. In episode 6 of In Break The Silence titled Now and Tomorrow , the BTS members finally have a discussion about what they want to do if the group disbands.

While the brothers talked about philosophy and specific actions, on the contrary, the youngest Jungkook wanted to be an ostrich, covering his eyes and ears, not wanting to think about disbandment.

“What if BTS suddenly disbanded? What can I do by myself? Every time I think about it, I realize that I have nothing. There’s not much I can do. Whenever I think about it, I get very nervous. Sometimes when I’m alone, I’m afraid” – Jungkook honestly.

Jungkook used to make his brothers very emotional when he never complained, that as long as the hyungs are healthy and happy, so is Jungkook. Being familiar with the bell brothers, it is understandable that the youngest child is afraid to stand alone.

Before that, a general had predicted that Jungkook would be fine if he worked in the tourism industry. In fact, Jungkook has a lot of talent. His confusion is probably because he doesn’t know which direction to choose!