Jin plays the role of BTS’ eldest brother on Instagram

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Jin of BTS always cares and takes care of “juniors” in BTS like a father in the family.

Jin always makes sure his members are well fed…

Not only did he take care of them, but he was also a great father to his pets for many years…

This is also shown with “son” RJ! He is the most caring father ever.

Jin takes this “son” everywhere…

Even on stage. Jin attaches great importance to “bringing children to work”.

Jin is also an expert on puns.

Even the fact that his favorite hobby is fishing is like a father…

… Not to mention he has also released a literal fishing trot song.

Now, Jin is actually cementing his “fatherhood” as he tries to use Instagram for the first time.

After completing his profile and following all the BTS accounts, Jin’s first step was to post a photo of his iconic braid.

All 7 members of BTS opened their personal Instagram accounts on December 6. Jin gained more than 13 million followers in less than a day.

Right after uploading his first post, he started to learn the basics of the app on his own.

As a result, Jin discovered new features, such as how to comment on a post.

He then left a comment on J-Hope’s first post. Both expressed their anxiety when joining Instagram for the first time .

Jin: jwehope

J-Hope: jjan.. i’m so nervous

Hours later, J-Hope posted again. So Jin also commented on the new post…

This time, he sought help from a younger member on how this app works correctly.

What is this “heart” button, and why do people press it?

Jin: jwehope let me down

Jin: means ‘I like your post/post’??

Jin: Jwehope, why do people “like” things on Instagram?

Jin then advised J-Hope what kind of photos to post.

Jin: Jwehope, don’t post weird pictures.

J-Hope: Jjwan… So cute~ 🔥

J-Hope’s post wasn’t the only one that caught Jin’s attention. RM’s post “Lil Meow Meow” is so cute…

So he tried to explore the “heart” feature. That still wasn’t enough, though, so to let everyone know how much he loves this post, Jin also left a heart emoji in the comments.

Jin: ❤️

Jin: oh RM, I’m pressing the heart

RM: wow! a rare nickname!

RM “repaid” Jin by leaving a like on Jin’s “Super Tuna” behind-the-scenes post! The two have a great friendship.

Jin: Tuna.

RM: oh jin, you’re pressing the heart

Slowly but surely, Jin is catching this on Instagram.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Jin’s weird humor in the captions of upcoming posts.