Korean minister: BTS enlistment is ‘a cultural loss of humanity’

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The Korean Minister of Culture has called for an exemption from mandatory military service for BTS, while public opinion is still divided on whether to give special treatment to the world’s most famous group. .

“It would be a national loss,” Culture Minister Hwang Hee said in a statement on May 4 about letting BTS spend time in the military. humanity if those singers have to suspend their activities to complete their military service during the period when their achievements in promoting national prestige and their careers are at their peak.”

BTS is the current king of K-pop music

In 2020, BTS (7 members Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, J-Hope and V) became the first Asian group since 1963 to top Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with English single Dynamite . Currently, the group’s flourishing career will face many obstacles if Jin – the oldest member of the group, has to enlist before the end of this year according to current laws.

Jin BTS (left)

Although Koreans cheer for BTS’s success and are proud of them, the topic of military exemption remains controversial in the country, centered around inequality and privilege. Some in South Korea think the exemption is unfair to young men who have sacrificed two years of their careers.

Whether ARMYs have to say goodbye to Jin BTS is still a big question

Currently, all male citizens aged 18-28 must serve in the military for about 2 years. Current law allows exemptions for certain elite athletes and classical musicians, but does not include established performers. Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok Jin, 29, was able to postpone his military service until now because of a 2020 law that allows artists who have made a “great contribution” to popular culture to defer military service. Obligatory.

Mr. Hwang, who will leave office on May 9 to make room for the new government, called on the parliament to quickly review existing laws to provide a legal basis for BTS members to be exempted from military service. the.