See the facial expressions to know the personality of Jimin BTSSee the facial expressions to know the personality of Jimin BTS

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Jimin is known to be the cutest guy in BTS, but his real personality is shown through how his face looks.

Let’s watch Australian general Alan Stevens analyze Jimin’s facial features to know his personality.

1. Confident

People with wider faces (70% wider) tend to be less cautious and confident than those with narrower faces (less than 60% wider than their length).

As someone with a slim face, Jimin is the type to look back and forth.
2. Friendly
A person’s friendliness is indicated by the distance between the top of the eye and the eyebrow relative to the height of the eye.

People with low eyebrows need less personal space than people with higher eyebrows.

Jimin’s eyebrows fall in the middle, which shows that he enjoys being with other people but also cherishes his personal space.

3. Tolerance

According to Stevens, people with wider eyes are more accepting of mistakes than people with closer eyes.

As someone with wider eyes, Jimin is a very tolerant person and isn’t quick to make judgments about others.

4. Good sense of humor

People with longer karyotypes tend to be more humorous, while people with shorter halves are inherently serious.

Don’t let this photo fool you. As ARMYs know, Jimin has a natural sense of humor.

He always helps the BTS members to entertain. Jimin’s philanthropy is long.

5. Generosity

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the lips are the window to the heart… People with fuller upper lips are more generous with their words and actions than those with thinner upper lips.

If you have a thinner upper lip, you may be a quiet person and speak briefly.

Jimin’s luxurious lips are as full as his heart. Jimin always comforts and encourages both his members and fans.

6. Worldview

People who are “assertive” and “actionable” like Jimin often have thin eyelids or no eyelids at all.

On the other hand, people with thicker eyelids are “analytic”.

7. Charm

People with dark eye color like Jimin have a natural charisma and have a high personal charisma.

The darker the color, the more attractive it is to the viewer. (Does that explain the Jimin Effect?).