When BTS has long hair, which guy looks the most attractive?

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Some BTS members have experimented with longer hair, but some have never even tried a trendy look.

However, according to these fan-edited photos, the BTS boys all look equally stunning in their long hair styles.
Let’s take a look at the photos that ARMY “made” BTS boys with long hair and many fans hope they will one day come true.

1. RM

Medium length or super long hair will suit RM





2. Jin
ARMYs have been waiting for Jin to debut as an actor… and in some historical drama with long hair.





3. Suga
Suga’s neat look will suit the sharp rock concept very well.





4. J-Hope
Imagine how amazing J-Hope’s dance moves would be with long hair.





5. Jimin
Although we’ve seen Jimin tie his hair in a ponytail from time to time, he can also wear a mullet.





6. V
V’s diverse “Visual” allows him to capture every look: From black hair to blonde hair and from short hair to long hair.





7. Jungkook
Fans have yet to see Jungkook with shoulder-length hair. Hopefully one day he will have that sexy look.