1 song in ‘PROOF’ BTS made by someone who is being tried for seҲ criӎes

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This producer is said to be the cause of the death of a young girl.

Musician Bobby Chung of the group Autumm Vacation shocked the public in 2020 when he was accused of being the cause of the death of a young girl.

Back in 2020, MBC’s News Desk reported that a young girl’s family claimed her ex-boyfriend “B” was responsible for the girl’s death, accusing B of various crimes such as ransoming A for drugs. and then seҲually assaulted her.

Later this year, many speculations surfaced that B is Bobby Chung, who has produced many hits for BTS.

Later, it was confirmed that Bobby Chung was handed over to the prosecutor’s office on May 17, 2021 for seҲually assaulting a girl he was dating and illegally filming seҲ videos of her.

Recently, BTS’s new tracklist attracted attention when the name Bobby Chung appeared. Specifically, in CD 2 PROOF, the song Filter included is a song produced by Bobby Chung.

Many netizens feel bad when the names of BTS members are together with Bobby Chung, causing a negative effect on the group.

Here are some comments:

– It’s wrong. Really disappointed with HYBE. How can the name of BTS stand next to Bobby Chung.

– There was a time when BTS boycotted BTS songs written by Bobby Chung when the case was discovered.

– HYBE considers the sky equal. Is it okay to put in a song produced by a seҲual predator?

– Why am I not surprised by this action of HYBE? Because I’m used to it. Just blame BTS!

– HYBE should have released another version of Filter on this occasion . Doesn’t CD 3 have any of Jimin’s songs?

What do ARMYs think about this?