10 interesting facts about Jin BTS, has quite ‘weird’ habits

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From unusually flexible knuckles to an amazing sense of smell, here are 10 interesting facts about BTS’s “big brother” Jin Seokjin.

Jin Seokjin of the Korean boy band BTS is quite popular among ARMY. Fans already know basic facts about Jin, however there are some strangely interesting facts about him that not many people may know.

1. Extremely cute when too much

Many fans don’t know that Jin Seokjin becomes super cute when he drinks too much.

In an interview with Koreaboo , the BTS members revealed their drinking habits.

Jin has said that he is a cute person when he is sober and often flirts with the other members.

However, while drunk, Jin became even stronger and his “aegyo” even stronger.

2. Strange blinking habit

Jin suffers from dry eyes but he still manages to win any eyeball contest.

According to Koreaboo, Jin can’t blink for 5 minutes during a staring contest.

However, normally he blinks a lot because his eyes are dry.

3. The fingers are curved to “weird”

Jin’s hand can be said to be unique with fingers that have extremely soft joints that can be strangely curved.

Although Jin doesn’t mind them, according to Biaswrecker , Jin once admitted that he wouldn’t mind exchanging his hands for Jimin’s cute ones.

He also has strangely dexterous toes.

4. Has a very strong sense of smell

Jin has a very strong sense of smell. According to Biaswrecker, he once revealed on TV that because of his good nose, he didn’t like the smell of wooden chopsticks and tried not to use them.

He often carries a set of personal belongings in his pocket in case he can use them.

5. Strong jaws

Jin has very strong jaws that allow him to take huge bites of food and chew it easily.

6. Obsession with sunglasses

The members of BTS are known for their stylish looks and impressing with fashion statements around the world.

However, Jin has an obsession with sunglasses. Not only does he enjoy wearing glasses, but on certain occasions, he has also been spotted wearing multiple glasses at once.

7. Eating habits

Jin makes lovely noises while eating, especially when it’s fast food.

He was once seen eating a cheeseburger and was found to make noises when he tried to swallow.

8. Laughter

In addition to making fun of Jin, there are also weird laughs. ARMY likens Jin’s smile to the windshield wiper of a car.

9. BTS group chat titled “Seokjin and 6 kids”

Jin Seokjin once named their group chat “Seokjin and the 6 kids”. The chat was also shared on BTS’s official Twitter .

10. College failure

Jin wants to attend Konkuk University to study acting and art. However, he really missed the difficult registration opportunity he wanted.