15 ‘artworks’ of Jungkook BTS will make fans admire

BTS News

Surely ARMYs know well that BTS’s “golden maknae” has many different talents. In which, it is impossible not to mention artistic creation.

Here are 15 “artworks” made by Jungkook that deserve a private exhibition!

1. J-Hope’s shoes

Jungkook made these shoes as bright and unique as J-Hope’s own stage name.

2. Suga’s portrait

The portrait of Suga made by Jungkook from the video WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN was exhibited at BTS EXHIBITION ‘Five, Always 2018 at Ara Art Center in Seoul (Korea).

3. Jjangu

Jungkook “immortalized” Jin’s deceased puppy in a pencil portrait.

4. Jimin’s tattoo

Jungkook designed a series of temporary tattoos for Jimin, including BTS and ARMY logos.

5. Happy birthday to myself

Many of Jungkook’s works are inspired by street graffiti, including this one.

6. Stars, planets and hearts

7. Suga’s ” Seesaw x I NEED U Remix” cover art

Jungkook once designed the cover photo for teammate Suga’s song.

8. Jungkook souvenir

These coasters, magnets and pens were drawn by Jungkook himself.

9. Nature sketch

10. Decorative clocks

Designed by Jungkook, this watch lists some of his favorite things such as: Food, sports, singing, dancing, sleeping… Especially, 9:01 is the birth time of the male idol of BTS.

11. Gas mask

Remember these gas masks from BTS’ art exhibition? Jungkook took part in designing them!

12. Cookie Doodles

13. Computer work

These digital sketches are the result of Jungkook having some free time and sitting at the computer!

14. Love for ARMY

15. Happy birthday ARMY