2 more BTS members infected with ₵ØVłĐ-19

BTS News

A few minutes ago, Big нιт made an announcement that Jin and Suga were positive for ¢σνι∂ after returning from the US. The above information comes after Jin and RM got PCR test this afternoon. Previously, Suga was confirmed to be positive for ₵ØVłĐ-19 after returning from the US. Currently, the situation of all 3 members is stable and the members are still adhering to the medical treatment regimen.

Recently, Big Hit made an announcement that 2 more BTS members, Jin and RM, received positive results for ₵ØVłĐ-19 after performing a PCR test. The 2 previous members of BTS both returned from the US and received negative results before returning to ḳöŕệä. They have also implemented home isolation right after returning from the US.


It is worth mentioning that RM had ¢σνι∂ without any symptoms and was only known after the PCR test results. Moreover today is the last day before he ends his self-quarantine at home. Unfortunately RM received a positive result for this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Jin returned to кσяєα a long time ago and has been out of self-isolation at his home for many days. Today, when he noticed mild flu-like symptoms, Jin performed a PCR test and the result was positive.

Big Hit also announced that 2 members had also completed the 2nd round ¢σνι∂-19 vaccination at the end of August. Thus, they have had 2 rounds of vaccination so ARMYs can be a little less worried. Currently, like Suga, Jin and RM are self-care at home and strictly follow the instructions of healthcare authorities.

Big нιт also reαssured ARMY that they put the members’ health first and will do their best to support members speedy recovery. Big нιт and members will fully comply with the epidemiological as well as medical requirements as prescribed by the government.

Before the information was released, ARMYs also felt extremely worried and hoped Suga, Jin and RM will not have a serious problem:

– get well soon Jin and RM

– Get well soon our dears….

– Wish you a speed recovery and good health<3

– Plz get well soon Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi!!

– Its heartbreaking

– Please God blesses them!

– Nooo, so sad to hear that, wish them all the best

– In Shaa Allah they will be alright. Our prayers are with them

– OMG please get well soon