5 habits that make ARMYs heart-stopping for Jungkook BTS’ maknae

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If you know all these 5 habits, you are definitely a fan of BTS’ youngest Jungkook!

Not only is he loved for his wonderful voice and eye-catching choreography, but Jungkook of BTS also has extremely adorable habits.

Here are 5 habits of “fainting” of the youngest Jungkook BTS.

1. Rabbit ear sweat wipe

Jungkook doesn’t use his palm to wipe sweat like everyone else, but uses the back of his hand. This move helps to become cute because it is very similar to a rabbit’s ear.

2. Jungkook often points to his temple when he concentrates on thinking
ARMYs will often come across this habit of Jungkook when he participates in reality shows, needing to use his wits to solve the challenge!


3. Clenching the other hand when drinking water

Perhaps, Jungkook is the only K-pop idol with this familiarity! Every time he drinks water, Jungkook holds his other hand tightly.

4. Jungkook likes to pull out the hairs on his face

Whenever his hands are free, Jungkook brings his hands to his face and tugs at the fluff. This habit can also be said to be “1-0-2” in the K-pop entertainment industry.

5. When he yawns, Jungkook covers his nose instead of his mouth

Jungkook is the exception, instead of covering his mouth, he covers his nose when yawning. This is a habit of the youngest member of BTS because it has been recorded by cameraman many times!