5 times BTS members talked about past love

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In the past, BTS members admitted that their busy lifestyle prevented them from dating

“I don’t believe we can date anyone. We don’t even have time to meet our family members. Our lifestyle is very different from others” – Jimin To share.

“Even if we’re in a relationship, it won’t be what you think.”

However, there have been moments when the BTS members talked about their former love before becoming idols.

1. RM talks about his high school girlfriend

On an episode of the show Problematic Men, RM admitted that he had a girlfriend in high school. RM’s ex-girlfriend was quite popular with male students, making him self-conscious.

The two often argued with each other and this affected RM’s feelings. That’s why the two broke up.

2. Jimin talks about his unrequited love

In an episode of Rookie King, Jimin revealed that he was once in a one-sided love.

Jimin then confessed that whenever he sees his crush, his face turns red and his heart goes crazy.

3. J-Hope and his ex-girlfriend

J-Hope has a rather sad story when his ex-girlfriend left him for another man.

4. V and unrequited love

V also had a one-sided love, he wanted to confess to the girl through a phone call but did not have the courage.

5. Suga

Suga once had a crush on a classmate in middle school. The two have been friends for a long time, but Suga still doesn’t dare to confess his feelings. On a beautiful day, the guy boldly confessed, the girl agreed and they both started dating.

But then things didn’t go as expected, from the beginning of the love story, their relationship was “strange and awkward”… and that’s why the two broke up.