A Twitter User Allegedly Found Evidence Supporting That The Recent Photos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’s V Might Be Edited

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A worrying possibility that has fans scared for the idols involved.

Picture of Jennie and V leaked by the Twitter account

Picture of Jennie and V leaked by the Twitter account

While many theories are circulating on social media, a Twitter user now claims that the account’s owner has edited all of the pictures they have posted. In a long thread, this user who goes by the name of ‘Neon’ explained that they reached out to the account through email, posing as a customer who wanted to get edited pictures of two other public figures in exchange for money.

According to ‘Neon,’ the account owner got back to them asking which celebrities they wanted to be edited and also informed them that the job would cost more than a three-digit sum in USD.

Some fans also noticed that this account used bot accounts to retweet the pictures to gain more traction, which also has made the genuineness of the photographs questionable. Others have pointed out the discrepancies in the pictures’ quality that might seem suspicious.

Some are speculating that the account has superimposed the idols’ faces on other people’s bodies, or they somehow got their hands on private pictures from both the idols and just merged them together. There are also people who believe these are real pictures attained through illegal means.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the photos, fans are rightfully concerned about the safety and privacy of both Jennie and V. If the allegations about the account owner are true, we might be looking at a severe case of defamation or invasion of privacy.

The labels of both the idols are yet to make a statement on this, though fans are increasing the pressure on them to speak out and protect them both from these malicious attacks.