Admitting being scolded for delaying his enlistment, Jin BTS received hate for this reason

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BTS’s military service is receiving special attention, and many fierce controversies have been raised after member Jin’s confession.

Recently, member Jin had a live broadcast on Weverse with fans on the occasion of the release of his first solo song ” The Astronaut”.
The eldest brother of BTS also shared about the group’s enlistment problem, his decision to cancel the request to postpone the enlistment, and being scolded a lot for being late in performing his service.

Jin BTS caused controversy in the latest live broadcast

Jin’s live broadcast implied that the group’s military service plans changed throughout the year. Moreover, the singer of The Astronaut said that BTS has received hateful comments, even being scolded by many antifans because of conflicting controversies related to enlistment.

Jin shared that comments like “Why haven’t you enlisted yet?” made the male idol disappointed and sad. BTS’ eldest brother explained that the delay happened for many reasons. In addition, he wants to have one last concert with ARMYs before officially enlisting.

BTS’ eldest brother released a solo product before enlistment

The male idol even showed his feeling that “there is a sense of injustice” when BTS received many criticisms with heated controversies.

Jin revealed, “Initially, the members discussed their plans to enlist right after the album BE . However, in the summer of that year, along with the wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the song Dynamite reached number 1 on the Billboard chart. Because of the unexpected success, I couldn’t enlist at that time.”

After Dynamite received strong support, BTS thought it best to release Butter and Permission To Dance to fans. Jin said, “Since these two songs did so well, I really don’t think this is the right time to enlist. After that, I had to participate in the group’s concerts before starting my military service. I also told the members that if I enlist, I will miss the stage performances.”

BTS was so successful that Jin had to postpone his enlistment?

After that, BTS was invited to the Grammy and Jin decided to enlist after this big event. However, the male idol said that he did not like cold weather because enlisting at that time would be very tiring, so he talked to the company to enlist in the summer, between May and June.

Soon after, a series of events in a row caused the schedule to change and finally, the eldest BTS member had to postpone until the end of this December to enlist in the army. Jin also shared the late announcement to fans for fear that ARMYs would be sad and in tears.

BTS enlisted late because they didn’t want to say goodbye to ARMY, fearing that fans would be sad

Thought to receive sympathy, but this BTS member’s share received countless “stones” from netizens. Many people think that Jin underestimates his duty to the country, considering joining the army as “going on vacation”: “Going to the army but afraid of heat and cold?”, “Be respectful to fans. but look down on the wave of anger of the Korean people”, “Many male idols with wives and children have all served in the army and you have postponed it up to 100 times”…

Jin’s share disappointed many people, antifan criticized the guy for “coloring”, “hungry for fame”, … so he refused to enlist early.

This fierce opposition is because Jin is over 28 years old this year (the latest age for Korean men to perform military service), but has been allowed to postpone enlistment until the members turn 30, thanks to a The amendment was adopted in December 2020. So the fact that he repeatedly delayed his enlistment until the end of the year and many “difficult” reasons made netizens extremely dissatisfied.