Afraid of losing his image, J-Hope only showed fans one part

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It must be said, J-Hope is the one who keeps the most careful image of BTS. Once he is not confident, no matter what he says, he will not show his face!

Recently, J-Hope went on Weverse to chat with ARMY. He happily answered many topics about daily life.

When an ARMY wrote: “Americans say Hobi’s English pronunciation is so good. Another perfect side”, J-Hope excitedly replied, “Really? English is difficult.”

Sharing a photo of a brand of Soju, ARMY asked, “Hoseok, have you tried this? That’s the ice cream.” J-Hope replied, “I don’t drink Soju”.

Before going on Weverse, J-Hope shared on Instagram a picture of enjoying whiskey. So, one ARMY asked, “How many drinks have you had?” J-Hope said, “Two drinks is right. He drinks to sleep. I want to sleep early.” He also shared that he drank alone.

The fan asked again: “Do you get drunk when you drink whiskey? Please post a picture of your drunk face on Instagram.” J-Hope insisted, “No, you can’t. You have to control yourself.”

Begged for a selfie, J-Hope was still adamant: “No. Your face is very red.” “Then take a picture of your feet” – the fan saved. “Is not. Even your feet are red.”

It wasn’t until fans asked for a hand photo that J-Hope refused to go into the water!

Netizens were delighted with this photo-holding story:

– Hobi talking is unbearably cute!

-No matter what, you can comment while frowning. Finally, still have to pamper ARMY!

– To think that he drowned his birthday is enough to understand. Let him keep the image a bit away!