An ARMY bumped into BTS in the US and got mad when I heard about it

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ARMY must “be careful” lest they bump into BTS without knowing it! Recently, an ARMY was fortunate to meet the boys and had a very good impression.

Both BTS and ARMY had a great weekend when fans spotted the four members attending a Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles. They also competed to post photos and videos on this occasion.

An elderly male ARMY even directly bumped into BTS at a Korean BBQ after the concert ended.

Looks like Jungkook, Jimin and J-Hope went to this restaurant after watching a concert (they are very discreet, don’t make any noise). This lucky ARMY was impressed when Jungkook bowed respectfully as he left the restaurant.

Imagine these 3 people looking at you!

Here are the details of this brief but unforgettable meeting:

“Hello, I’m Kim Byun from US cafe. BTS is currently in Los Angeles to prepare for a concert at SoFi Stadium. They are also preparing to perform at AMAs and appear on popular TV shows…I thought if I was lucky, I might run into them.

“Today, I was going to eat pasta but chose Korean BBQ and went to DaeDo Sikdang to eat…and oh my god. Jimin is grilling meat at the table across from me.

Jungkook and J-Hope were there too. I’m sad because I can’t buy concert tickets but now I can see them up close… Jungkook bowed to me as he left while I was still looking at them. My bias is Jimin and Jungkook. Today is so lucky!

“They ate quickly and left… As they passed the table, I literally couldn’t breathe… I was so moved when Jungkook turned around and bowed to me as he left.”

ARMYs really enjoyed this story:

– This is called the time to stop in time! I mean, if BTS comes to my city, I’ll be around all day.

– Going to eat and bumping into two biases! What’s the step at the door? Yes, I must have fainted!

– When I read the part where Jungkook bowed, I was also touched. Why is there such a wonderful person?