An ARMY Was Paid For The Meal By Jimin And Shook Hands With Jungkook In LA

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BTS has always been known for their endless love for ARMY. BTS always has songs that thank ARMYs or are dedicated to ARMYs or have acts of kindness towards ARMY during concerts, fansigns, and social media interactions. And the story below is one of such lovely stories and the OP below must be one of the luckiest ARMYs in the world:

The story was told by an ARMY in the US, specifically in Los Angeles about a year ago when Bangtan had a unannounced schedule here.

The OP recounted that it was a very beautiful day, the OP and friend went to eat at a restaurant and suddenly BTS also appeared there. BTS’s meal that day did not have the appearance of V but only 6 members and the staff accompanied.

That ARMY recognized BTS from the moment they entered the restaurant and were very surprised. However, to keep BTS’s privacy, she didn’t approach to say hello for fear of disturbing them. But maybe, just like any other ARMYs when seeing BTS in real life, how can we hide the excitement and joy in our smiles and eyes.

Next, Jimin smiled at that OP because he realized she was an ARMY. Finally when the meal ended and BTS left, Jimin paid for her meal and her friends quietly. The OP was very surprised after knowing this when paying for her meal.

The OP also told that when BTS was about to leave, because she couldn’t keep her happiness anymore, she waved to the members. When Jungkook saw her action, he turned around and approached, shaking hands with her very politely. And at that time, the ARMY felt like there was no longer any regret in her life.

So happy to meet her idol in real life, even she must not have expected that one day she would eat a meal paid for by BTS and shake hands with the golden maknae Jungkook. Once again, through this story, we can see BTS’s kindness and heart for ARMYs.