An OP Met Jungkook Buying Milk At A Convenience Store And Shared About His Good Action

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Jungkook is known to be a guy with kindness and humility even though he is already a K-pop star with millions of fans. Below is one of the people who has opportunity to meet Jungkook in real life and told a cute story about him.

An OP who is not an ARMY and ever worked part time at a convenience store luckily met Jungkook in her shift. She told this story because recently, after hearing the bad news about Kpop idols b̾u̾l̾l̾ying each other and the idol’s personality degradation. That’s why OP recounted the meet with respect for Jungkook’s kindness and humility.

The story begins with the fact that OP used to work at a convenience store near the center of Gangnam Kotex. Now she no longer works there but OP still remembers the story that took place in December last year. As usual, a guest walked in and it was Jungkook.

He wore a mask and a hat so of course OP couldn’t realize. Jungkook came to pay for his items and do you know what it is? To her surprise, he bought 200ml of milk and bought 2 boxes with nail clippers.

OP thought this was a new combination because she usually saw very few people going to the store to buy milk. “They usually just buy bananas, strawberries, or chocolates so I think this milk is finally sold out! Because he bought it.

Anyway he finished paying and left but suddenly he turned again and said “Hmm, you gave me too much money.” And while he gave me the extra coins, I noticed the ARMY tattoo on his hand,” OP said.

OP also added, “I panicked so I looked at his face. But he was wearing a large bucket hat and mask, his face was completely hidden but his eyes were big and round. he wow… Because I don’t have eyelids, I was jealous.. Back to the main topic, I was going to give him 100 KRW but in fact gave him 500 KRW (all in coins).

Now I think he used not only credit card but also cash. He gave me 10,000 won in cash. Did he carry a lot of cash? Well ARMYs should know this.”

OP also expressed her thought: “Anyway, what impressed me was that even though I was confused and had returned excess only 400 KRW, if it was my fault, I would have to use my own money to make up for it. And in this case, people don’t come back and usually keep the extra money and run away.

I knew it was my fault from the start so I apologized and gave back 100 KRW instead. And then he said “안녕히 계세요오”(Annyeonghegyeseyo-oh~). Actually he didn’t say “gyeseoyo” but “gyeseoyo-oh”. It’s a very good voice of a young man, compared to the average man’s voice… Yes. I know I had only given him 400 KRW but I still thank him for giving it back to me. He made a lot of money so 400 KRW may not be worth much to him. But I still want to thank him. That’s it. I’ll stop here.”

Through the story of OP, we all fall in love with Jungkook because he always does the right things from the little. Jungkook also has a simple and normal lifestyle like everyone else. And especially our boy is an very adorable person!