ARMY celebrates 5 years of BTS V’s ‘Borahae’ code, tops global trending

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On November 13, ARMYs are sharing on social networking sites to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the birth of the term “Borahae ” by V BTS.

BTS member V is known to have coined the term ?Borahae (I purple you in English) at the Muster concert on November 13, 2016. It means: “I will trust and love you for a long time”.

V chose purple because it is the last color of the rainbow, symbolizing the love and trust between fans and BTS.

Since then, November 13 every year is considered the “Purple Day” celebration of the BTS fan community.

And recently, to celebrate the 5th anniversary, ARMYs took over social media by sharing keywords like “5YearsWithPurpleLoVe”, “FOREVER SWEET WITH TAEHYUNG”…

Notably, the above keywords also ranked at No.3 and No.5 respectively on Twitter’s Top Global Trending.
“No one knew that Borahae would be popular and play an important role between BTS and ARMY. He’s amazing, isn’t he? Borahae V” – one netizen expressed.

BTS hasn’t left the number one spot on the K-pop Boy Group chart for 3 years

Recently, the Korean Business Research Institute has announced the reputation rankings of boy groups in November 2021.

This chart is determined through big data collected from October 13 to November 13 from many male idol groups, based on the frequency of participating in activities, the level of media coverage, the index. social networks, community activities…

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