ARMY Is Going Wild On Social Media Over BTS’s RM’s Freckles

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He looks so good 🥺

BTS‘s RM has been teasing fans with his upcoming photobook, Me, Myself, and RM ‘Entirety’, which currently doesn’t have a specific release date.’

That hasn’t kept him from gifting ARMY with his visuals, though, and he was recently trending on Twitter because of one look in particular!

From photos to video clips, he has really been spoiling fans with the teasers.

In a few of the released photos, ARMYs were quick to notice the freckles that he had been styled with, giving him a sweet, youthful charm that suits RM perfectly.

Paired with warm gray hair and his beautiful tan skin, the BTS leader is definitely a stunner.

Of course, fans couldn’t keep their appreciation and excitement to themselves — they had to go to social media to express their feelings!

“THE FRECKLES” was even trending for a period of time, and is still very present on new tweets.

Though we don’t know when his photobook will be released, RM is definitely blessing ARMYs already with these beautiful pictures!