ARMYs Are So Dizzy When They Find The Whole Jimin’s Back Tattoo And Its Meaning At The Airport Today

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ARMYs Are So Dizzy When They Find The Whole Jimin’s Back Tattoo And Its Meaning At The Airport Today

All members except V who had returned to Korea earlier landed safely at Incheon airport. BTS returned with a warm welcome from ARMY and the domestic media.

Besides paying attention to the members’ visuals, some ARMYs quickly discovered the tattoo on the back of Jimin. All the tattoo was quickly discovered and their meanings drove ARMYs crazy.

The BTS members flew back to Korea after their meaningful visit to the White House. BTS is back in a good mood and preparing for their next promotions.

One of the members receiving the most attention right now is Jimin. Many ARMYs are insane when they discover all the tattoos on his back that they haven’t noticed for a long time.

ARMYs initially thought that Jimin only had a crescent moon tattooed on the back of his neck. But that’s not true, it’s a full moon cycle tattooed down his spine.

Specifically, ARMYs in a clip saw that below the crescent moon near the neck, there was also another piece of the moon. And through the shirt with mesh detailing, they see the shape of the whole moons.

The actual tattoo will look like this! And it is truly a work of art that surprised ARMYs!

The meaning of this tattoo was also quickly discovered by ARMY. The cycle of the moon represents life, it seems to be constantly changing.

The moon tattoo always reminds us of the unity of all things, it symbolizes the cyclicity of time – the repeating cycle of the endless process of recycling and rebirth in life.

Not only that, but the tattoo is also considered a symbol of promise just like his solo song – Promise. In addition, this also makes some ARMYs think of Jimin’s line in the song Friends with V that “Me from the moon, you from the stars”.

It seems that this is a very meaningful and important tattoo for Jimin. Just like the tattoo on Jungkook’s arm, each tattoo for Jimin contains a sky of meaning!

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