ARMYs don’t believe Jungkook BTS can post this type of photo on Instagram

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It seems that Jungkook has a very clear “strategy” for using Instagram! Hope you don’t post pictures like this soon!

Fans are discussing how Jungkook uses his personal Instagram. On an online forum, one netizen shared the post: “A photo Jungkook would never post on his Instagram”.
In the mentioned photo, Jungkook is posing in front of a coffee truck that his friend Yeo Jin Goo sent him. The cute style of the photo and his selfie style with snacks have attracted a lot of attention. But this netizen believes that Jungkook would never post this type of photo on Instagram.
Based on current postings, Jungkook seems pretty private and even “shy” on Instagram. According to ARMY, never expect this type of picture on Jungkook’s Instagram because once there is, “there will be war”.
Jungkook’s Instagram is pretty cool right nowIs it because no one can stand this cuteness?
– The picture of Jungkook putting the puppies on his stomach shocked me for a few days. Be less cute!
– Let’s all hide Jungkook!
– Please continue to be shy. ARMY is afraid of being “stealed” to lose Jungkook!
– It took Jungkook more time to adjust to Instagram before posting this cute picture!
-I’m so upset when I see female stars come to Instagram to drop Jungkook’s heart!
Jungkook, please take care of ARMY’s health!
Post pictures like this!