ARMYs Felt Worried For RM Because Of His Long Letter At Late Night

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RM left a letter for fans on Weverse in the early hours on November 4, and some ARMY are wondering how the BTS member is feeling. He wrote as follows:

“I hope you’re all well.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to write long letters, but I feel as if I’ll completely forget how to write them if I don’t so I decided to write one.

Though I don’t know how to tell you the random thoughts that have been in my head, the fact that I want everyone who loves us to be as peaceful as possible hasn’t changed.

I’ve been searching for peace and stability for so long, but I can’t erase the idea that people, or maybe even I, always want a kind of drama. I think it’s a strange ďïṩệäṩệ that makes me anxious when things stabilize a little.

A lot of time has pαssed since I came to Seoul at 17, but when I look back, I often feel strange that nothing has changed. In the end, I’m only 28 years old, and I think it’ll take countless years to be as firm as I hope.

To be honest, I started writing in a diary again, but I didn’t want to pick up a pen today so I’m writing here instead. I don’t know why my writing is always the same just like they were on the fan cafes. I really miss you, and I think about you now and then.

Winter came so suddenly and scared me, but it’s a good season to walk. Let’s meet again when the wind gets warmer soon. As always, I’ll be working on music, and my mind and body will be waiting every day. I miss you!”

And ARMYs with flutter heart and the love for our leader have left many beautiful comments below:

– His letter is melancholic, i think a lot of people feel a bit like this as we move to autumn and winter. like “oh it’s this time again already?”, a lot of people start reflecting on the year that has already pαssed so quickly. i hope he feels alright and takes good care both his physical and mental health. i hope writing music is healing to him.

– you and your words are healing and happiness to many. Please take care always and know that we love you so much. I wish I can hug you right now, still one of the purest souls that I knew.

– Kim Namjoon personal long letter for ARMYs on Weverse! His words are always so heartfelt and comforting. Hes so wise,so humble and self reflective! It feels so grateful that Bangtan expresses their thoughts to us! Let’s hold on and meet each other on next Spring Day! We love u.

– i cant imagine if being easy to suddenly live a life that doesn’t even have 20% of the emotions it has before the pandemic… i wish this can end and we can all have our normals back. i wish he can feel the excitement and dramatic events again. i wish his anxiousness lessens soon

– Thank you, Namjoon..I really want to express my love and respect for you and to the members with all my heart, but I think words cannot express it.

– there’s soмєтнing about joonie’s words and the ways he conveys to us makes us feel so warm and comfortable his choices of words and his thoughts are so sorted and we love to hear him talk!!!

– knowing that he’s feeling the same thing as me is so heartwarming, and i know so many ppl feel the same as well. his words are so impactful

– joon just made me cry…i dont know how to express it as thoughtfully as him but i understand what he means.i too keep a diary but sometimes the words are not cohesive and thoughts are cluttered and u just leave it be,these unconveyed feelings to drift away with time.