ARMYs Think BTS’s Latest Concept Reminds Them Of An Old Era, And Now We Can’t Unsee It

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BTS‘s latest edgy concept in “2022 Season’s Greetings” is giving ARMYs throwback vibes to one iconic era!

When looking at the image of the boys dressed in punk fashion lazily spread out over leather couches, it’s hard not to imagine the legendary concept from 2014…

…known as “War of Hormone!” The similarities between the two photos are enough to make any ARMY immediately recall the charismatic photoshoot.

The grungy, cool concept features alternative style clothes and an industrial background, littered with unique details and bright colors.


The unit photos are particularly similar to the 2014 photoshoot where the members give their best “tough guy” looks. They’re the perfect mix between intimidating and devilishly handsome!


The stern expressions and heavy makeup give the same atmosphere of the members becoming “delinquents.”


However, the similarities don’t stop there! The individual photos, such as j-hope‘s cute bad boy poses, might make you think it’s “War of Hormone” part 2.



It’s the same for Jimin‘s smoldering glare and heavy eye makeup…



…as well as Jungkook‘s ripped clothes and swooping hairstyle. Plus, he shows off his piercings in both photos (Though they were mostly on his ears back then!).



V exchanged his hoodlum rockstar vibe for a member of a world-renowned and successful punk band.



Suga‘s cute catlike features haven’t changed, and it seems neither has his style!



RM shows his maturation through his newfound confidence as a grown man.



Lastly, Jin gives the same piercing glare he did seven years ago, showing he truly doesn’t age!



As years go by, BTS proves that they do edgy concepts best!