Big Hit clarifies rumors of BTS performing at the inauguration ceremony of the President of Korea

BTS News

The representative of Big Hit Music has spoken out about rumors that BTS will perform at the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Korean President.

The representative of the management company of the popular group said, “The company noticed the rumors through many news channels. But as far as we know, BTS has not received any invitations of any kind. awake”.

BTS is Korea’s No. 1 group, so many fans expect them to appear at the new President’s inauguration.

Earlier this week, former congressman Park Joo Sun, who was in charge of preparations for the president-elect’s inauguration, received a question on a radio program: “Will BTS perform at the ceremony? ?”.
In response, Mr. Park Joo Sun said, “We are discussing this.”

President Yoon Seok Yeol

Meanwhile, the inauguration of President Yoon Seok Yeol will take place on May 10.