BIGHIT MUSIC Announces The “Borahaefication” Of Las Vegas Ahead Of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Shows

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In February, it was confirmed that BTS would be returning to America for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows. After successful concerts in Los Angeles, California and Seoul, American ARMYs were excited AF when it was announced the group would be holding four in-person concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April at Allegiant Stadium.

If the countdown wasn’t already exciting ARMYs, a recent announcement from the company has fans at the edge of their seats.

On March 23 (PST), BTS’s official Instagram posted some more information about what to expect from the shows…

In particular, the images showed that along with the show, there would be BTS-themed attractions, entertainment, and food options across the city…

Of course, that seems exciting in itself, but the next photo filled ARMYs with so much excitement, and it isn’t hard to see why. Along with all the details for pop-up stores, places to eat, and special entertainment, 11 hotels across the city would actually have BTS-themed rooms.

When the news was shared, ARMYs rightly couldn’t contain their excitement and joked that it was the “Borahaefication” of Las Vegas, referring to the term Borahae which means “I Purple You.”

Yet, another reason why this is so exciting is that HYBE has fulfilled its promises. Back in 2020, HYBE’s Lenzo Yoon explained that they wanted to change the experience of concertgoers in the future, adding that they would be implementing everything from BTS-themed hotels to BTS exhibitions and planned sight-seeing and cuisine tours for fans.

We will turn the city hosting the concert into a festival. It will be like the Olympics, a festival by and for BTS and their fans. We will develop this festival in stages beginning with certain tour stops.

— Lenzo Yoon

The announcement comes after HYBE announced that, while ARMYs are in Las Vegas, they would be given the opportunity to audition for BIGHIT MUSIC, BELIFT LAB, SOURCE MUSIC, PLEDIS Entertainment, KOZ ENTERTAINMENT, HYBE LABELS JAPAN, and HYBE AMERICA.

Considering how much is happening across the week, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to attend the events in person.