BLACKPINK’s Lisa Retracted Her Compliment For Jisoo—And Everyone’s Reaction Gave Us Life


Jisoo’s expression was SO her!

BLACKPINK has some of the funniest interactions!

The girls recently got together to hold their COUNTDOWN LIVE broadcast prior to the release of their “Pink Venom” music video. They interviewed each other, shared spoilers about the song, and played a game where they named the member who fit the question best.

In the latter segment, Lisa was asked about the performance aspect of their song: “Which member fit the choreography of ‘Pink Venom’ the best?”


She waited for a few seconds before revealing her answer, but it was obvious that she already had someone in mind.

To the surprise of the members, Lisa put up the board with Jisoo‘s picture.

The member in question looked touched by Lisa’s praise, covering her mouth in surprise and looking down shyly.

The maknae soon figured out her mistake when she heard Jennie and Rosé “ooh” at her response instead of the more expected laughter or teasing. She retracted her compliment, frantically saying, “What! I got the wrong one!”

She instead held up her own picture as if to say that she was the one who did the choreography the best.

It’s this one. This is the answer I wanted!

— Lisa

Rather than being upset, Jisoo gave a blank look straight at the camera. She raised her hands to her sides and shrugged.

She was unbothered and confident!


There were definitely no hard feelings between the eldest and the maknae after that. They were even spotted laughing together when Lisa walked back to her seat, with Jennie also joining in.

In related news, check out the full “Pink Venom” music video below.