BTS admits that it can’t be successful with only 7 people

BTS News

“The BTS of 2022 is really complicated and troublesome” – according to leader RM.

Recently, RM had a broadcast, revealing his honest thoughts on what BTS stands for.

He shared that BTS is more than just group members.

“BTS is not just about seven boys. It was a huge wave consisting of a lot of people. What people ignore is the existence of ARMY” – RM wise.

Their large and diverse audience has helped them achieve what they are today. ARMY makes BTS different from everyone else.

“We may not be as brilliant as self-made artists or anyone else, but we have something special. We also have differences, I think. It could be the team, the nationality or the language we use and write the music. But I think the most important thing is ARMY, who have been extremely supportive of us. Not only supporting us, they are always with us” – RM touched.

BTS helped break down barriers with Korea and Asia, representing today’s global youth, discussing topics like self-love and mental health, among other progressive issues. In this way, the concept of “BTS” is much more than simply members.

It is important to RM, the core of BTS is the participation of ARMY and the sincere, mutual relationship.

“It’s not a one-way street, it’s a two-way street. We give to them and they give to us. I really feel this way today, meeting you in person, hearing everyone’s voices, it’s something that comes from the heart. It is a spiritual connection. Sharing hearts and souls” – RM mused.

Through the art and journey of BTS, the members and fans are connected.

“We might not know each other if I wasn’t in the group or making music. Maybe I will travel to Las Vegas and pass by you as a tourist from Korea. But now, through music, performance and the whole group, we have something together.” – RM confided.

RM’s livestreams are always full of knowledge. The stories are ordinary but show the great wisdom and heart of the leader of BTS.