BTS And LINE FRIENDS Release New BT21 Merch For The Holidays, And It’s Too Cute

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Some are already sold out!

BTS and LINE FRIENDS adorable collaboration BT21 is back with new merchandise just in time for the holidays!

There’s now a collection for BT21 Baby, but it’s a Holiday Edition! So, you can have your favorite cuddly buddies help decorate for the holidays.

There are three different types of products to choose from for international fans, and all are equally adorable and practical if we dare say so.

First, there are blanket hoodies in seven different versions, one for each BT21 character (sorry, no VAN, though).

They’re all the signature BTS purple color and cost $54 USD each. Considering the chilly weather, this seems like a must-have item.

The next item that’s a must-have? Mini plush ornaments!

They’re literally the cutest thing ever. They cost $14 USD each, and half of the characters are already sold out, so hurry to get the remaining ones!

Last but not least, there are new standing dolls of the characters dressed for the holiday season.

So, KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, and COOKY all come in unique outfits, perfectly dressed for the occasion.

We didn’t know we needed Santa SHOOKY until now.

Not to mention, they come in charming boxes too!

These are $23 USD each.

They’ve only been out for a few days now, but many items are selling out fast, and we can see why. Even before the official release, ARMY has been admiring the new BT21 merch, particularly the ornaments!

All of the BT21 products are available for purchase through LINE FRIENDS Collection’s official online store now.