BTS And LINE FRIENDS Release New Winter BT21 Dolls, And They’re The Cutest Thing Ever

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The UNIVERSTARs transformed into snowmen!

The holidays are soon approaching, which means more than ever, it’s totally okay to treat yourself to some new merch!

BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ have released their latest additions to their collaboration BT21 just in time, and it’s beyond adorable.

While we have seen quite a few BT21 standing dolls now, and each version has been just as cute as the next, the newest is unlike any other. This time, our beloved UNIVERSTARs have transformed into snowmen for the winter!

Here’s what you can buy from the new BT21 2021 winter collection…


KOYA’s ears will stay nice and warm (and on his head) with this cute hat!

2. RJ

RJ as a snowman is too perfect! We already know Jin is going to buy everyone one of these for Christmas…


We need to talk about how SHOOKY is in the snowman’s torso! This is too cute.


We know MANG is a skilled dancer like their dad, but apparently, they’re a great snowboarder too!


Does this remind anyone else of BT21 UNIVERSE 2 episode 6 when CHIMMY tried to make himself friends in the form of snowmen? BRB, crying.


A heart-shaped snowman, we’re in love.


Please, his little bunny ears popping out is just the icing on the cake here!

Each standing doll costs $25.95 USD and is available through the official online LINE FRIENDS store. They are all 7.9 inches tall (about 20 centimeters).