BTS briefly talks about love life and dating

BTS News

BTS did an in-depth interview with Esquire ‘s Dave Holmes , through which they talked about a variety of topics and briefly talked about their love lives.

Dave Holmes shared that he asked the members extensive questions about dating and all the members answered “no”.

I asked about dating, broad questions like “are you in love?”, “do you have time for love?” and “You might not” and the answer to all of them is pretty clear: ‘No’” – Dave Holmes.

In fact, Jungkook shared that sleep is the most important thing to them right now, implying that they simply don’t have time to date.

“The most important thing for us right now is sleep” – Jungkook.

Suga also agreed with Jungkook’s statement by making a humorous comment about his dark circles.

“Can you see my dark circles?” – Suga.

RM then concluded by talking about how their love life revolved around ARMY.

“Our love life — 24 hours, 7 days a week — is with all the ARMYs around the world” – RM.