BTS Drops Official Track List For First CD In New Anthology Album “PROOF”

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Get your tissues ready, it’ll be a whole journey!

BTS has dropped the official track list for their upcoming anthology album, PROOF, and excitement abounds!

The new album will encompass songs that represent BTS’s 9 year journey since debut, as well as 3 additional new tracks across 3 CDs.

Some ARMYs have had mixed feelings about the small number of new songs on the album. Given that MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 contained 20 tracks, many fans were looking forward to a full-length album with new music this year. But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re getting more BTS soon!

In fact, many ARMYs feel like an anthology album is actually a great way to honor BTS’s past and start a new era.

Looking at the newly released track list for PROOF, it’s impossible not to feel proud of everything BTS has achieved so far. The first CD on the album will include everything from “Born Singer” to “DNA” to “Butter.”

The lead single will be “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” which was announced earlier this week.

More information and content will continue to be released throughout May and June, with the album’s release date set to be June 10. BIGHIT MUSIC recently released a full schedule for ARMYs to keep track of everything!