BTS free concerts, Busan hotel prices increased… a hundred times

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Going to see it for free is more expensive than buying a normal ticket!

Hostel businesses in the vicinity of Gijang-gun, Busan, are facing fierce criticism for their unreasonable business practices.

Earlier this week, BTS announced details of Yet to Come in Busan, a free concert to promote the 2030 World Expo. The show will take place on the afternoon of October 15 at Busan Ilkwang stage and stream to fans around the world. Both live and online are free, expected to attract 10,000 spectators to the stage.

Immediately after the information was announced, many Korean ARMYs rushed to book rooms near the concert venue. However, according to one fan: “I booked a room for four people for 35,000 won  but my reservation was canceled due to “personal reasons”. The next day, a room for two has increased to 40,000 won.”

Another netizen lamented, “I booked three seats yesterday and they were all cancelled. Should I camp overnight at the train station?”
After that, many more people spoke up about the price of Busan room on October 14-16, which increased to about 1,000,000-2,000,000 won per night , and in some places up to 8,900,000 won for two nights!

Some comments of the world’s netizen before this information:

– The average BTS concert price is about 300 USD . Now, going to listen to it for free is more expensive than usual!

– This is the same everywhere. I often go to London and when there is a BTS concert, the room rate is always the most expensive. But the price in Busan is outrageous. When BTS performed at Wembley, I had to pay 200 pounds  and found it ridiculous.

– It’s bad for Busan’s image!

– What? Four normal people 35,000 won but now there is a place up to nearly 4,500,000 won? 150 times more then nothing.

– That’s why I often book far away. It’s better to waste time on the train, but the price of a room like this is too much.

– Busan is expected to be filled with tents that day! Lost pictures too.

Before the complaints, the city of Busan said it would review this issue.