BTS has super powerful fans within the American Music Awards, who is equal to you

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Everyone must fall in love with BTS! It’s true because ARMYs everywhere will “draw” you to join them!

The power of BTS knows no bounds! Recently, they swept the American Music Awards (AMA) with three awards, including Artist of the Year.

They also turned AMA into a festival of BTS and friends when a large number of people asked to take photos with the boys, from fans to international stars.

For example, this sweet photo with these young fans.

However, these are no ordinary kid ARMYs! You are the children of Mike and Brooke Mahan.

Mike Mahan is currently vice president of production company Dick Clark, producer of major award shows like the BBMAs and the AMA itself! It’s beneficial for parents to produce the awards ceremony, isn’t it, ARMY? When watching the full fancam of this moment, no one can’t help but marvel at how sweet BTS is with the kids…

…but it’s also easy to see that Mike and Brooke Mahan are no different from ordinary parents at this time. Most interestingly, the legendary Shawn Stockman also took the opportunity to ask his daughter to take a photo with him!

Truly enviable! This fancam cameraman couldn’t help but exclaim, “Why isn’t my dad a celebrity?”

Netizens could only chuckle at this scene:

– Even if you are a superstar, you are just an ordinary parent to your child!

– It’s so cute when the kids line up to take pictures with BTS! And envy too!

– It’s funny that the parents all rush to ask RM first. Prove they know BTS very well!

-Thinking about the scene where the main producer of AMA had to ask for a photo with BTS! The top of the top!

– It’s not the first time seeing celebrity’s children fall in love with BTS and make a big impact. After all, the boss in the house is not the children? BTS has super powerful fans inside AMA!

It is also said that children are very sensitive to distinguish good people from bad people. And which big artist has as many child fans as BTS?