BTS is finally reunited, you can see how chaotic the video is

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 Always be “wary” when leaving the seven BTS boys alone. This is a gathering after not seeing each other for a while! Surely ARMY can imagine what it will be like.

Ever since the BTS members returned to the US and enjoyed the extended vacation they deserve, it seems that both the group and ARMY have been looking forward to one thing: the moment the members are finally reunited!

There have been several times when that seems to happen. For example, when V, Suga, and J-Hope all post pictures that look like they were taken from the same beach…

Hay Jin and J-Hope reunite when the eldest keeps his promise, bringing the strawberries he picked from his uncle’s farm for J-Hope.

Recently, a series of articles posted at the same time showed that the group really reunited!

On the afternoon of January 17, ARMY got a fever when they received notifications from four members because they decided to post at the same time… about the same thing! If last time it was strawberry, this time it was fish cake. This dish in Korea is called bungeoppang with bread crust and red bean paste.

J-Hope posted a video introducing the delicious bungeoppang…

RM posted the same video, singing Baby Shark but replacing “shark” with bungeoppang.

Even though it’s fish cake, it seems that Jin doesn’t want to “take advantage” to promote his birthday hit Super Tuna , so the youngest Jungkook made it for him, replacing the first line of the song with “It’s great even if it’s bungeo”.

Because the maknae cheered, Jin also posted a video of him singing on his story. He even uploaded a picture before deleting it and then re-posting it again!

Although the remaining three members are not moving, but with these images, ARMY believes that all seven are sitting in one place! Immediately, the series of cards “OT7 Selca” and “They are together” became a world trend.

ARMY is extremely excited with the thought of “seven dragon balls” converging

– Looking at the spinning video like that is enough to understand how chaotic the gathering scene was!

– 7 male gods crazy about fish cakes!

– Need a selca of 7 people. Happy crying!

– Look how excited they are. OT7 forever!

Hopefully, even though they’ve come together, they’ll still have some time to rest before returning to their busy schedules, which include an upcoming album and possibly a world tour.