BTS J-Hope’s Dog Mickey Has A New Favorite…And It’s Not Him Or His Sister

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Mickey has “spoken!”

While on his recent Weverse comment spree, BTS‘s J-Hope updated ARMYs on his adorable pooch, Mickey.

J-Hope and Mickey make the cutest duo, but is J-Hope Mickey’s favorite person to be around?

Judging by his posts, the little Shih-Tzu loves hanging out and cuddling with his dad, Hobi!

He also shows how happy he is to be with J-Hope’s sister, Jiwoo…

…and even looks at their mom in the same loving way. However, according to J-Hope, none of these people are Mickey’s new favorite person!

Mickey now likes our dad the best..

— J-Hope

Judging by how excited Mickey looks on a walk with J-Hope’s dad and sister, it’s easy to see that Mickey loves hanging out with Papa Jung!

However, J-Hope can definitely consider himself one of Mickey’s top picks!