BTS Jimin in horror remembers the time when he went on an unscientific diet

BTS News

– Jimin is the person whose appearance changes the most in BTS after losing weight. 

During a television broadcast, Jimin revealed how he lost 10 kg in a short time. The male idol said that when he looked in the mirror, he didn’t like the reflection, especially when he practiced choreography with sweat and tears.

In the past, Jimin had a cute chubby face

At that time, BTS was preparing for a song with sexy colors. Jimin felt that his chubby appearance didn’t fit. At that time, only three BTS members, Jin, Jungkook and V, were considered the beauty representatives of BTS. In the end, Jimin decided that he too should join the ranks. All those thoughts have motivated Jimin to resolutely lose weight.

Jin, V and Jungkook (from left to right)

In the end, Jimin followed a one-meal-a-day diet and applied intense dance training for 10 days to lose weight. This method makes him quickly weak and often dizzy.

The BTS members also revealed that when the group asked Jimin out to eat, he just lay helpless on the floor of the practice room and said “I’m not going anywhere”.

When Jin said “I’ll hurt myself if I keep eating like that”, Jimin only replied, “I know how to take care of myself”.

Jimin later confessed that he became very sensitive during that diet and often responded with “attitude” to the members. Some time later, when Jimin felt worried for Jungkook because his brother was also tightening his weight, just like how Jin worried about him, Jimin realized that losing weight in a short time was as bad for his health. how.

Jimin and Jungkook (right)

Currently, Jimin doesn’t do that mode anymore. Instead, he applies a new method that ensures both beauty and health. It is eating lots of healthy foods like low-fat protein, vegetables, fruits and staying hydrated.