BTS’ Jimin’s top-tier skills in music and dance continue to make headlines on major media outlets globally

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Jimin has beautiful body lines when on stage. His performances remain engraved in the hearts and minds of viewers for a long time because he creates art and is a precious piece of art himself.

He is not only visually pleasing when performing, but he moves the audience with how expressive he is, making it an adventure of emotions. This is why lots of idols praise him, and rookie idols always see him as a role model.

One of his most memorable performances is the ‘I Need You’ solo stage that he performed during the 2019 Melon Music Awards.

The performance allowed him to showcase his exquisite and unmatched modern and contemporary dance skills, leaving the audience marveling at just how perfect he was. The performance is still talked about and is highlighted by media outlets and award shows to this day because that is how iconic it was.

On November 13, this same performance was highlighted yet again, this time by a major television network in Algeria that is among the most popular TV networks in the country.

The ‘Ennahar’ TV Channel featured the performance on its ‘Zapping YouTube’ segment, where Jimin was selected as the representative for the category of Talent, embodying the art of contemporary dance. Jimin’s top-notch skills have positioned him as the standard for contemporary dance, as well as other forms of dance.

Jimin’s beautiful body lines have inspired famous artists to create art pieces for exhibitions in national museums. He has also won awards like the Appreciation Plaque for his ‘Fan-Dance’ performance.

Previously, the same performance had served as an inspiration for a fresco painting by Jin Young-sun, an honorary professor of Seoul National University, and it was put on display for the entire nation at the Alumni Exhibition of SNU Villa D’Art, which was held at the Hangaram Arts Center Museum of the Seoul Arts Center.

The performance was considered so beautiful that it deserved to be preserved in the form of art in a museum for the whole nation to see for a long time to come, including the upcoming generations.

In addition, the same performance was featured in a video by the MMA in 2020, which was made to showcase the history of the show.

The video had been made as a way to gear up anticipation among viewers for the 2020 Awards show, implying that the show organizers considered the performance to be an attraction of viewers to the show.

In the video, a photo of the performance had been placed on the wall of historical/iconic performances on the show over the years, which is what appeared in the video.

Notably, three of Jimin’s performances have now been featured by Melon Music Awards in the show’s preview videos, namely the ‘I Need You’ solo stage at the 2019 MMAs, the ‘fan-dance’ at the 2018 MMAs, and just Jimin’s part of the ‘Black Swan’ performance from the 2020 MMAs.

Apart from dance, other forms of Jimin’s artistry are also celebrated widely. On November 13, KBS2’s show ‘I like Movies’ introduced ‘Friends,’ which was featured in the new Marvel movie ‘Eternals,’ as the first Korean song to be included in the global release of a Marvel Studios film.

Jimin was involved in the entire process of making this song, including songwriting, composing, and producing. His individual name appears in the song’s credits at the end of the movie.

So far, the movie has reported an impressive performance, particularly in South Korea. It earned the second-best opening day in the country during the pandemic and is the leading international market for the movie, thanks to Jimin’s fans who have widely organized themselves in support of their idol.

In fact, Marvel Studios and the Eternals team have both acknowledged the impact that the inclusion of Jimin’s song has had on the performance of the movie in publicity and revenues.

All media outlets in South Korea and internationally have extensively covered the news over the past few weeks, ever since the confirmation from Walt Disney Company Korea that the song would indeed be featured in the movie.

As such, it is probable that media outlets will continue to highlight the fact that Jimin’s efforts resulted in a beautiful song that was worth a feature in such a big Hollywood film production by one of the biggest film production companies in the world.

Jimin is an all-rounded artist, and he is highly skilled in all of the different sectors of his artistry. He had already made a name for himself and set the bar high in vocals and dance.

He is now taking over the songwriting, composition, and production, proof being in the continuous and consistent mentions of him by major media outlets in both aspects.