BTS Jin surprises ARMYS with a video he filmed before he enlisted in the army

BTS Jin surprises ARMYS with a video he filmed before he enlisted in the army

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BTS Jin will be releasing pre-filmed content for ARMYs while he is away in the army.

On January 8th, BTS member Jin pleasantly surprised his fans with a special message filmed before he went on a military hiatus. According to the announcement, it seems his message will be released monthly while he is away.

In January’s video, Jin says he is currently filming his ‘Running Man’ episode and left a short and sweet message for his fans. Check out the video above and stay tuned for February’s video.

Knetz react to #Jin becoming the commander of his unit with 200 soldiers

Jin is still in the process of finishing his basic training in the military. Today, people find out that Jin became the commander of his unit, consisting of 200 soldiers.

The badge on his uniform says that Jin was chosen as the commander of his platoon. Fans say that this was very much expected from Jin because the artist is known for being very determined, hardworking, intelligent, and athletic. Korean fans elaborated on what it means to become a commander of a unit in the army.

First of all, to become one, you need to have great physical strength, a loud voice, good social skills to solve various problems and be dedicated and hardworking. Now, Jin represents a unit of 200 people. If there’s an event, he talks as a representative, reports on the company’s roll call, be a great example for other soldiers, and speaks on behalf of the people of his unit. The commander is chosen by voting among the trainees, which means Jin was selected to be one. Commanders are well-respected by the army’s seniors, and other trainees must treat them with respect as well. As a leader, Jin has a higher chance of getting awarded at the training graduation.

The camp reported that Jin’s unit was having a gas training, called CBR. Jin received a positive reaction among K-netizens because of participating in the difficult training. The reason is that gas training is very uncomfortable; it irritates your skin and eyes. Many soldiers say that they have an allergy or sensitive skin. That’s why it’s easier to skip the gas training, and only some participate in it. However, Jin was one of those who did their duty bravely.

Jin becoming a commander became a Hot topic on TheQoo, and here are some of the top comments:

“Commander Jin is very brave!”

“Jin is very famous and it would be easy for him to skip the CBR training. It’s crazy that he still participated.”

“I’m a man that was recently discharged from the army and I’m surprised that Jin participated in CBR and became a commander. He’s amazing, good luck!”

“He is so cool, please come back soon..”

“Wow, if he finishes with excellent grades, he will receive something like a rewarding holiday!”

“Jin is still cute LOL.”

“Him becoming a commander is really cool!”

“Good job, Kim Seokjin!”

“He’s always special.”