BTS: Jungkook, V and Jin share the same frame as the Bermuda triangle

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Both Jin, V and Jungkook are “works” of art. However, once standing in the same frame, with the same aura, they are truly a wonder of the world!

A netizen recently posted on the community page the overwhelming combination of Jin, V and Jungkook BTS. “Jin, V, and Jungkook were seen walking down the stage together on the LED screen at a concert, and seeing them makes my eyes light up,” the netizen wrote.

“Handsome guys look good even on LED screens,” she added, along with a series of other pictures of the three in the same frame.

Needless to say, netizens are extremely responsive to posts like these:

– Three people standing separately were beautiful standing and sitting. This is another “three dragons” like this! Legendary combination!

– The three of them are like the Bermuda triangle – once you get in you can never get out.

– School king or something! Really want to faint when looking at these pictures!

ARMYs who have any photos of this trio, please show them to everyone!