BTS leader RM chose Jin as the leader for an unbelievable reason

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It’s so difficult that RM can think of it! But it’s true that Jin has all the qualities of a leader, ARMY, right?

RM may be the leader of BTS but he just appointed his right-hand man, Jin, as the leader…

…for a special reason. Did ARMYs guess?


Go fishing?

Guess try again…

It’s strawberry!

Jin doesn’t just love to take the BTS members fishing. He also really enjoyed visiting his uncle’s strawberry farm with his siblings. He brought the group along in 2020.

Now, after the end of the isolation period due to Covid-19 infection, he once again returned to the strawberry garden. Strawberry season is starting in Korea and so it’s the perfect time!

The members also noticed. RM commented on the post, officially naming Jin as the “strawberry leader”.

“Strawberry leader. I went there to prove myself,” commented RM.

Although RM wishes he could go with Jin, it’s okay because he knows Jin will come back with delicious strawberries! “Please bring some strawberries when you come back” – RM messaged.

RM isn’t the only one who loves Jin’s strawberries. J-Hope also sulked when Jin posted a photo of strawberries: “Strawberries? Without you?”

Do you ever have an internal conflict because of strawberries, ARMY?