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A few hours ago, BTS ended the last episode of In The Soop 2 with happy everyday moments. Just like the usual meals, BTS happily gathered together and enjoyed their last dinner in In The Soop’s forest house, and here they came up with the idea of ​​​​opening a restaurant after not being idols.

In the last episode of In The Soop 2, the members had one last fun dinner in the forest with food cooked by two great chefs of BTS, Jin and Suga. The dish that the members prepared is called Dal Galbi. This is a popular kσrєαn dish, usually with cabbage and some vegetables stir-fried with chicken or pork along with kσrєα’s own sauce. Besides this dish can also add cheese.


Suga and Jin and prepared two large chicken pans and the members enjoyed a delicious meal. Jin then talked about the idea of ​​​​opening BTS’s own Dal Galbi restaurant and even offered jobs to the members:

Then the members got very excited and they even discussed what the name of the restaurant would be. And of course, our leader with a genius brain came up with a name that couldn’t be better: Dal GalBTS

And all the members got excited and said it was great:


Jin said that Yoongi will be the cashier and he will be the shoe organizer in front of the store.


Meanwhile, the reluctant chef will be Jimin and the waiter will be V:


j-hope will be given the responsibility of promoting the store and Jungkook will become the chicken prepper for Dak GalBTS.


And the hardest work for the person with the most muscles in the group – RM:

But he wants to be a grill cleaner instead of that job…

And after finishing the division of work for the future Dak GalBTS shop, BTS finished the meal and cleaned up together!