BTS plays the evil ‘stealing heart’ in the 2021 festival season photo set

BTS News

These are definitely the most handsome villains ever!

BTS just released their Happy Holidays 2021 and it’s so cool! Each member transformed into a “villain” in this concept.

1. RM (Mad Doctor)

That means we will go crazy for this scholar!

2. Jin (Dark Hacker)

Jin, please hack Ticketmaster for ARMY! Please always!

3. Suga (Gray Pianist)

Looking at this makes me want to fall in love with the villain!

4. J-Hope (Mystic Strategist)

I hope he has a map because ARMYs keep getting lost in those eyes.

5. Jimin (Alley Cat)

How dare you steal our hearts!

6. V (Destiny Reader)

The future will always be bright if V read it.

7. Jungkook (Action person)

The character is perfect with Jungkook’s looks and personality.

8. OT7

These wicked people, take whatever they want! This heart too!




See the full “tease” to celebrate BTS’s 2021 festive season: