BTS Sees The Light In Final “Door” Concept Photos For Anthology Album “PROOF”

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Visual kings! 😍

According to their promotion schedule for their upcoming anthology album PROOF, the BTS members have released their final concept photos.

PROOF Album Promotion Schedule | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

Previously, for the “Proof” version concept, the members showed off their edgy and charismatic side, as they appear bulletproof to the fired bullets piled at their feet.

Next, for their “Door” concept photos, they chose an entirely different concept. Revealing their softer sides in pastel clothes in front of a white backdrop, the stark difference shows the multiple sides of BTS.

Now, continuing their “Door” concept, the members are in darkness with only a strip of light across their faces.

RM | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

As if the light is coming from a slightly open door, the mystifying photos put a completely different spin on what we’ve seen from the “Door” concept thus far.

Suga | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

Despite being in the dark, their visuals shine as bright as ever!

Jimin | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter
V | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

Perhaps the light from the door…

Jungkook | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

…has further meanings, such as coming from the BTS logo.

On BTS’s official Instagram, a snippet of the open door can be seen. With a variety of possible interpretations, only time will tell what the “Door” concept truly means!

Check out some possible interpretations for BTS’s concepts below.