BTS shows off their unique personality through their favorite pose

BTS News

There are some things that never change in the boys of BTS.

Each BTS member shows off their unique personality through their favorite poses when taking photos. Take a look at each member’s preparation posture.

1. RM

RM has a unique way of posing to show his charisma.

Usually, RM will cover his mouth with his hand or cover part of his face to create a mysterious effect.

Also, you can’t forget his finger-grip stance.

2. Jin

As the most obvious member, Jin loves to give his legendary hand kisses to everyone.

This gesture is definitely the trademark of BTS’ eldest brother.

3. Suga
Lying on the side is Suga’s “specialty”.

Suga likes to lie on his side, resting his head on his right arm. At least he feels comfortable.

4. J-Hope
J-Hope raises one hand for a sexy and “cool” pose – perfect for photo shoots.

Worth mentioning, J-Hope has had this gesture since he was a child.

5. Jimin
Putting his index finger on Jimin’s cheek is his #1 favorite gesture.

Jimin knows he’s “cute”.

V’s favorite gesture is also his name.

He can say his name, is charming and looks very cute.

7. Jungkook
When in doubt, Jungkook likes to give peace signs and purse his lips.