BTS’ style is different when changing stylists, fans are commenting

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 Previously, BTS’s style coordinator did not win hearts with fans because they were not satisfied with the moderator’s style.

Most of all, fans are often annoyed when BTS sometimes wears inappropriate outfits.
On April 11, V posted an Instagram story about stylist Kim Young Jin, who used to work for Seventeen.
In fact, some fans have speculated that BTS has changed their outfits recently as their outfits have improved dramatically.
Many fans noticed that the group’s outfits also fit better and are more stylish in recent photo shoots.
Fans and netizens joined an online community in which one netizen posted previous photos of the BTS member styled by coordinator Lee Ha Jung and commented on how they fell in love. How much I like BTS’ new style.
BTS photo with old stylist’s outfit
Netizens commented, “I’m so happy the members got to wear the right clothes. We expect nothing more than to give them the right clothes.”
“I’m very happy”
“I really want the BTS members to dress well”
“I think female coordinators should not style male idols”
“They finally got out of that pose.”
“I am really looking forward to the new style of the group”
“I thank them because their outfits now fit” and “So much better now that the dispatcher has been changed”.